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Private Short Links Customized link keywords can't be taken by other users. Never any shared keyword collisions.
Transcribe Friendly Links Can pick between using case sensitive custom link keywords or case neutral. Case sensitive leads to more errors when manually entering (links used in printed media or audio).
Unique Short Links Can create different short hashes for same long URL. Not forced to share one link among all users (limitations of Bitly method is ditched).
Link Editing Editing ability for short or long URL. Publish a link and change where it points later.
Private Click Data Goo.gl and Bitly allow full public access to link's traffic stats.
Link Notes Add notes to individual URLs.
Tag & Folder Management User-friendly link management system for labeling and organizing URLs. Filter by campaign, date, name, etc.
Link Notifications Daily email notifications for links that you are closely monitoring.
Excel Reports Click data that opens directly in Excel. Presented in a standard row x column form, ready for crunching. Reports generated by date ranges from your account or by tag query options.
QR Codes For All URLs TINY includes QR sizing options for print or online usage. And management is a snap with our tag & folder system.
Google Analytics Integration. Associate your Google Analytics or other tracking codes with all short links - to save pageview events and see link stats with Google Analytics.
Autodelete Links Set links to expire on certain dates.
Routing Filter Filter your audience depending on who is clicking. Set up rules to detect country, language, browser type or device OS and dynamically switch landing pages.
Custom Root Page Lets you set a custom "homepage" URL. Applies to any redirect involving a missing short hash, such as myshortdomain.com/ (hash omitted).
Custom 404 Page Lets you set a custom "landing" or error page URL. Used in cases where visitor makes an error in the short hash.
404 Reports Links not found report. Good for finding specific click errors made by your audience, such as typos or involving case sensitive short hashes.
Link Migration Import/Export tools and services - in CSV or XML with no lost data.
Click Stats Click charts and traffic stats - location, referrers and devices.
City Level Click Tracking Expanded reporting option, can locate clicks down to the region and city level.
HTTP Redirect Options HTTP redirect codes come into play if you edit often or need SEO benefits.
Special Characters Supports accented or special characters in your custom domain or destination URL. Accepts internationalized domain name (IDN) directly - punycode version not needed.
Traffic Exclusion Filter out clicks that come from your home or work IP addresses so that reporting reflects only real visitors and not testing from your internal organization.
Multiple User Supports multiple account users with different levels of access.
Bookmarklet One-click URL shortening anywhere on the web with bookmarklet.

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High volume URL shortening platforms - built with customized features.

Typical high volume use case is when CRM generates a URL/querystring that is sent (sms text) to a lead base of prospects. Sending the full URL is more expensive so it makes sense to shorten it first.
Our platforms were designed for this kind of application and will work even if you have a distributed system - with numerous instances on numerous servers calling our shortening endpoint.
But maybe you need customized reports or to integrate reputation management for your domain/brand or something else?
  • Private and secure.
  • Enterprise grade cloud service and dedicated IP.
  • Rapid deployment, scaling and reliability.
  • Use your own branded URL shortening domain.
  • No project is too big or too small. Let us handle all the system admin, maintenance and management details for your organization's URL shortening needs.
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