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Please report spamming of links such as advertisement or comment spam that you find on blogs, chat forums, message boards, social networks etc.
Please report any links to malware, worms, viruses or other executable files.

Unsolicited commercial email / SMS is not an acceptable use of this service.

Tinycc provides the technology to shorten web addresses. That is all it does. These short URLs are basically just links to other websites... all created and shared by users of our service. Tiny.cc is not the source of content or the sharing. We don't send out promotional emails, SMS texts, or newsletters of any kind - so there is nothing to unsubscribe. If you received spam containing a tiny.cc domain, regretfully it was the work of abusers! Such as bulk email campaigns or attempts to hide malware or phish behind a tiny.cc link. Please send the link so that abuse of our service can be investigated. support@tiny.cc

Login button problems? Try clearing your browser's cookies and cache or check your computer's anti-virus/firewall. For example if using Bitdefender you need to whitelist tiny.cc.

No validation email for your new account?  Typical reasons are: typo in your submitted email address or delivery into your spam box. Also make sure that you haven't accidentally quarantined us at your end with an email filter such as Boxbe or Spam Arrest. support@tiny.cc to get fixed up in a jiffy. Please include username that you signed-up with.

Check our FAQ's for details and quick answers to other questions.

This is also where you can submit general questions or site feedback. Want to discuss API usage, other projects and ideas? You can Email Us here. Many of the features currently implemented on Tiny came directly from user needs and suggestions; so you had a big hand in developing this site!

  support@tiny.cc  •  (765) 997-8469    [765 997 tiny]

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